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Ramgarhia Bunga Amritsar Address: Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab, 143006, India

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Monday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tuesday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
Wedesday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
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The top tourist destination of Punjab and one of the crowning jewels of the country, Amritsar is a paradise for every tourist and spiritual seeker. With immense religious and cultural significance, the holy city of Amritsar tells a tale of an era gone by, but one that played a prominent role in shaping our country.

With sacred customs and teachings established by the Sikh Gurus, Amritsar is the top pilgrimage city for all Sikhs globally.

The Golden Temple has several layers of history that define it. If you look closely at the temple premises, you will see two minarets rising to the north of the sacred tank where the shrine is located, behind the temple's central dome. They stand for the Ramgarhia Bunga, an important yet little-known episode in Sikh history.

About Ramgarhia Bunga Amritsar

The three-story red stone watchtower complex known as Ramgarhia Bunga or Burj is situated close to the southeast corner of the Golden Temple. The parikrama promenade encircling the Harmandir Sahib Sarovar shows the two Ramgarhia Bunga high towers with their minaret-like shapes. Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, a Sikh warrior and the chief of the Ramgarhia misl, constructed the building in the late 18th century.

The infrastructure surrounding the Bunga watchtowers was built to shelter soldiers who would assist in defending the area, post sentinels to keep an eye out for any unexpected attacks, and guard the holy complex against spoliation.

#Trivia: The granite Takht-e-Taus slab from the Red Fort, which was used to crown all Mughal rulers in Delhi, is kept in the Ramgarhia Bunga.

Architecture of Ramgarhia Bunga

Each of the two three-story towers is around 156 feet in height. A courtyard is surrounded on three sides by the three flat-roofed ranges that make up Ramgarhia Bunga, which is made almost entirely of small burnt bricks placed in lime and mud mortar.

Red sandstone makes up the arcade and the triple arches. All the walls, including the inside and outside of the vaults, were finished with lime plaster and lime wash, most ornamental with arches. Two sets of stairs lead down to the lower levels, one from the courtyard and one from the outside.

The floors of the towers provide a very good view of the city skyline.

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Entry fee and timing to Ramgarhia Bunga Amritsar

There is no entrance fee to see the history of Ramgarhia Bunga because it is located inside the Golden Temple.

The location is open to tourists every day of the week from 5 am to 10 pm.

Best time to visit Ramgarhia Bunga Amritsar

Tourists flock to Amritsar during the winter. The months from October to March are perfect for touring the city because of various factors, including the beautiful weather, the serene atmosphere of the Gurudwaras, and the lively festivities that take place during these days.

#Trivia: Carry your woolens and jackets to ward off the cool waves.

How to reach Ramgarhia Bunga Amritsar?

Amritsar is well-connected with major tier 1 and tier 2 cities in the country. Once you get here, you can hire a taxi from top car rental companies in Amritsar to take you where you need to go or board any local rickshaw to take you there.

The distance between the Amritsar Junction and the Ramgarhia Bunga is only 2 km. You can take a 10- to 15-minute stroll from the Junction to experience Amritsar's streets.

Even the closest airport, Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, is 10 km away from the Ramgarhia Bunga or the Golden Temple.

You can also embark on a road trip from nearby cities to enjoy the beauty of the green escapades that mesmerize you.

This building, built in the 18th century to protect the lovely Golden Temple and serve as a haven for soldiers, is a popular tourist attraction of Amritsar. It is interesting to learn about the religious and social significance of the Bunga and its history. While strolling the temple premises, make a quick stop here to understand the significance of the Sikh culture truly. At Amritsar Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA, we offer a variety of Amritsar tour packages catering to different requirements and preferences of our customers. To know more about our offerings, please fill the Contact Us form.

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